Wednesday, 18 November 2009

To Goa

Well, Goa is all set - i leave on Friday and return on Monday. I miss two days of Sheshadri (very sad....) but i think it will be fine. So a minimum 6 hour journey each way (and we're doing it the quick way) but it will be great to see the sea! I'll finally get to see the Mysore icon, Rolf, in action (pictured). The workshop is mysore practice in the morning, a relaxing brunch and the pool chill followed by an adjustment workshop. It shoudld be good. Unfortunately the daily practice is really expensive (a fifth of what i pay in a month with Sheshadri for one day), so i'm going to self practice and then get back to the main man on the Tuesday.

Pranayama is still going well, really enjoying the peace of it and managing to sit still for 20 minutes which is pretty good for me! Itlll be a test to see if i keep up my pranayama practice whilst in the bustle of Goa....i'll also try not to get robbed or malaria whilst i'm there....


  1. How does that song go?

    You'll probably need to write it in your browser long hand! :-P

    Enjoy your party. Make sure Sheshadri doesn't get out of hand! :-D

  2. Nice one, look forward to hearing about it. Phil, love the song, hilarious.

  3. I need to blog it...but tis true i've not gone to Goa! Sheshadri invited us to Puja on Sunday so going to that!!!