Wednesday, 18 November 2009

To Goa

Well, Goa is all set - i leave on Friday and return on Monday. I miss two days of Sheshadri (very sad....) but i think it will be fine. So a minimum 6 hour journey each way (and we're doing it the quick way) but it will be great to see the sea! I'll finally get to see the Mysore icon, Rolf, in action (pictured). The workshop is mysore practice in the morning, a relaxing brunch and the pool chill followed by an adjustment workshop. It shoudld be good. Unfortunately the daily practice is really expensive (a fifth of what i pay in a month with Sheshadri for one day), so i'm going to self practice and then get back to the main man on the Tuesday.

Pranayama is still going well, really enjoying the peace of it and managing to sit still for 20 minutes which is pretty good for me! Itlll be a test to see if i keep up my pranayama practice whilst in the bustle of Goa....i'll also try not to get robbed or malaria whilst i'm there....

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rolf in Goa

Rolf is doing a workshop (mysore and adjustments) week after next and seriously thinking of going as they still have some spaces. It's a donation to an animal welfare charity rather than a fee (suggested 50 quid for the day which seems more than reasonable), and i can fly from Bangalore in 1hr 10 minutes.....although have to get to Bangalore from Mysore.

I've worked out that i can do it without missing any practice (leave sat after practice return late sunday night....or if it comes to it just miss Monday practice. It will give me a chance to have a look around Goa too and see if it's as stinking as everyone says it is!

Is it extravagant and crazy - or should i go for it?..........

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

purchase and practice

Practice was good today, although my knee has eased i can feel my hamstring again. Sheshadri asked me about my knee at the end of class today, and has encouraged me to kick back after vinyasa. I'm not too sure if that's to create heat or to release it after the stretch in uttanasana - he said to activate.....mmmmm....perhaps he meant 'kick back' and i should bring some weed and tea in a flask for inbetween postures......???

We did mainly shitillee (spelling?) feel a little lame, but after sitting in the same position doing silent pranayama for 30 minutes my back was aching. I'm not sure if it was becuase i was tense whilst i was doing it or if i was just because i'm just not used to sitting still with a straight back for so long and my muscles couldn't hack it! Obviously there was a few opinions from my peers about alignment, bad posture, practice etc....Sheshadri just said 'sit correctly and pain but then relaxing and no pain.....could be a combination of things! He said there is no need to practice pranayama for longer than 30 minutes at one time, althopugh you can do up to 2 hours a day....think i'll be sticking to the 30 mins!

Ok beddingtons, meditation is going well too, going to set up a space in the house for it when i return so that i can do it before i leave for practice at home too. So to bed! Speak soon peeps.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Today was a mediocre practice, but i was there! My AC ligament felt a little tender, so i didn't go too crazy and felt pretty far away from full kumasana again. Sheshadri and Harish didn't adjust me in it (either they were too busy, or i like to think that they realised my leg couldn't hack the pace!). By the way Helen, i heard he was balancing but all i could see was a bit of marble flooring at the time! I've seen him do mayurasana on someone in paschimottanasana. For those of you wondering what the hell i'm on about, kumasana is to the left.

I did have a new backbending adjustment though, apart from the one where Sheshadri picks you up from underneath (whilst you're in urdhva dhanurasana) and swings you about like an old cat, it's hard to explain but when my back cracked Sheshadri said 'good' and put me down again. Actually it felt pretty good - like i was floating, but i can feel my back more tonight....tiger balm and massage is the way forward!

I decided to not worry about the money (well until i get back anyway - maybe i can make the dogs take smaller dogs out for walks or something? It's about time they went out to work, seriously all they do is potter about, eat and lie about all day....)

So i decided to go to pranayama. It was excellent, there was 6 of use there in total, 4 beginners. Sheshadri is so enthusiastic and i really enjoyed it. I have made copious notes and will be going at 4.00pm every day until i leave it think, it's just such a great opportunity.

The rest of my day was spent walking up to 'Lucky World' for 'supplies', trying to find Swami (the water man), reading on the newly discovered roof terrace, cooking lunch and going to pick up my newly made trousers (i'll let you know how that goes when i try them on). So you see Kath it is relaxing really!

Can i just share with you guys that Ganesh has closed his internet cafe due to the power cut (protective of his machines) and now i'm in one that smells of old men and hair oil and grease?/sweat? is seeping through my trousers from the previous internet user......dudes i am roughing it! Ok off to get some scran now, i am sooooo hungry after all that breathing and the like! Speak soon peeps.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Forgot to blog!

Ok - so i have been here a week nearly and not managed a blog. I could blame the intermittent power (off quite a few times a day and we're pretty reliant on back-up power) or do the right thing and admit to laze!

I have been to Sheshadri 5 days now, and he is fantastic. The adjustments are firm (definitely strong!), but not rough - there is control. My long list of injuries are managing fine, although i think today is the first day that i have not ached. To give you an idea after not doing Kumasana (apart from a few weak attempts) i was in the full pose, which Sheshadri balancing on my back (he gets to practice too), so fear was definitely a factor, and then of course inflexibility didn't help much! Monday to Friday is self-practice - and i would guestimate that at the moment i am being adjusted about every third pose. This is probably because i'm continually misaligned, but heh - i'm enjoying it, so it's all good in the hood.

I've only learnt one word of Kannada which is illa (no!)....and Namasakara (although yes, i did know that before i arrived) this is not good, i will at least learn 'yes' before i go. Trust me however, 'no' comes in pretty handy.

Ok after my massive 'day of rest' dinner i need to do some work work, which seems very distant and unimportant at the moment, but i must i must! Speak soon peeps.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Reassurance required!!

I am going to India (VISA not come through yet), for the first time (accomodation not booked) on 1 November- 30 November (flight booked - result!) to study with Sheshadri (not confirmed).

I think that it will be fine, but just in case, speak to me people!